Inverter 3000W


Battery parameters

Battery Type Lead-acid, Lithium-ion
Nominal battery voltage 48V
Battery voltage range 40-60V
Recommended battery capacity 200Ah (100~500Ah optional)
Recommended Storage capacity 9.6kWh
Max. Charging Current 60A
Charging Current Range 0-60A (Programmable)
Charging curve 3-stage adaptive with maintenance
Max. Discharging Current 60A
Electronic protection OCP OTP OVP
Short circuit protection Fuse (100A)
Discharge times (Hour) P0=1Kva 9.6h
P0=1Kva 3.2h
Depth of discharge Lithium: 0~80%DOD adjustable
Lead-acid:0~50%DOD adjustable

Ac Output

Max. Output Power 3kVA
Peak Power 1.5*Pnom,10S; 1.2*Pnom,30S
Rated Output Voltage 230V
Max. Output Current 13A
AC Voltage Range 180V-270V
Grid Frequency Range 44~55Hz/54~66Hz
THD <3%
Power Factor 1(Adjustable +/-0.8)
Connection phase single


System Parameters

Max. Charging Efficiency 94.5%
Max. Discharging Efficiency 94%
Stanby Losses <5W
Topology High Frequency Isolated Transformer
Degree of Protection IP65
Safety Protection Anti islanding, RCMU, Ground Fault Monitoring
Certification AS4777,VDE0126-1-1,G83/2,C10/11,RD1699,UTEC15-712-1
Communication WiFi,RS485,CAN2.0



Ambient temperature range -25°C…+60°C (Above 45°Derating)
Allowable Relative Humidity Range 0… 95%, No Condensing
Max. Operating Altitude 2000m
Current Senor Connection External


General Data

Noise <25Db
Weight 16kg
Cooling Natural
Dimension(W*H*D) 532*360*172mm
Display LCD display
Warranty 5 Years (Optional: extension to 10 years)


Emergency Power Supply

EPS rated power 3000VA
EPS rated voltage, Frequency 230V, 50/60Hz
EPS rated Current 13A
EPS peak power 1.5*Prated, 10s
Total harmonic distortion <3%
Switch time <3s