Inverter 60 kW

The inverter is a device that allows you to convert direct current received from solar panels to alternating current.

The direct current generated by the photovoltaic installation can be used without conversion, however, in practice, most electrical appliances and a centralized electrical network use alternating current. That is why the inverter for solar panels is almost indispensable.


MODEL (EH9115-) 20K3 / 3 30K3 / 3 40K3 / 3 60K3 / 3 80K3 / 3 100K3 / 3 120K3 / 3 160К3 / 3 200K3 / 3
Capacity 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 160KVA 200KVA
design technology true online double conversion, igbt based inverter, 6 impulses rectifier, pulse, dry side of ISO transformer inverter.
capabilities 100% Digital with latest DSP technology / compatible with UPS Worldwide Monitoring System, immune to phase rotation input (for rectifier) / dual input (optional) / LCD display / thermomagnetic protection for input, output, bypass and battery / UPS parallel finished with another UPS of the same capacity for duplication /
estimated useful life > 20 years
ac / ac efficiency ECOMODE > 98%,inverter> > 92%, AC-AC 91%
voltage (*) 3×380/220VPT ± 25% (165v to 275v)
Thermomagnetic protection thermomagnetic switch
lead wire (*) 3 phases + neutral + earth
Freckle (*) 50hz ± 25% (42.5 hz to 62.5 hz)
Power factor 0.8 type at full load
TECHNOLOGY rectifier 6 impulse pulses, immune to rotation of the plot for the input signal of the rectifier.
voltage (discrete) (*) 3 × 380/220 VPT ± 1%
lead wire (*) 5 wires (3 phases + neutral + earth)
Thermomagnetic protection Thermomagnetic output switch
Freckle 50hz ± 0.1%
waveform type Sine wave generated by inverter with high frequency PWM
harmonic voltage distortion so-called <2% for linear load /
amplitude coefficient 2.8-3.2
Power factor 0.9
overload recovery. auto
isolation transformer dry type for inverter-voltage 380V / 220V
voltage regulation ± 1% for a balanced load.
overload capacity (*) 125% for 12 minutes. / 150% for one minute / 200% for one cycle
Short circuit protection Bypass
Voltage 3 × 380/220 VPT + -25% (adjustable)
lead wire (*) 5 wires (3 phases + neutral + earth)
Automatic Bypass static, solid state, 0 mgeg for standard transmission,
Manual bypass Thermomagnetic switch for manual bypass, trouble-free operation in normal transitions.
Power Outage local EPO and / or remote
Protection and short circuit Fast fuse and thermomagnetic input switch (different from manual bypass switch).
Thermomagnetic protection Circuit breaker protection. turn off the system when the battery is low. battery testing. smart charger.
Cold start YES
amount 32 pcs (29 to 32 pcs adjustable) ***
Voltage Rated 384 V, Float 435 (Adjustable)
A type (*) sealed and maintenance free. vrla technology (valve regulated lead acid)
Standby time at maximum permissible load (*) Tune
typical recharge time. 4 hours 90 minutes%
battery management. automatic test, adjustable battery transfer point and alarm settings.
Charger soft start to the maximum allowable load. Adjustable current for charging batteries.
hardware protection Thermomagnetic switch for input signal, thermomagnetic switch for output, thermomagnetic switch for battery and thermomagnetic switch, formal bypass, overvoltage protection, high-speed bypass fuse, high-speed fuses in direct current and bypass, fan, redundant power supply, 5 zone temperature sensors, on / off switch – shutdowns, audible alarms.
Software Protection and Warning Discharge batteries, manual inverter shutdown, manual bypass switch active, emergency shutdown, manual shutdown, SCR failure, bypass rotation failure, bypass, overload, low battery, low output voltage, high output voltage, DC fuse open, 5v power supply , 14v power supply, inverter overvoltage, overload greater than 200%, transfer failure, inverter voltage out of range, earth and neutral maximum, SCR inverter failure, UPS in bypass mode, low frequency, charger on, inv PTOP further and more.
Standards EN 62040-1 safety, EN 62040-2 EMC / EMI, surge protection C62. 41
GPRS service Compatible with global UPS monitoring system **
Front Panel standar: LCD 240 * 128 reading electrical parameters. touch screen. LED facial expression: voltage input, bypass voltage, output voltage, inverter voltage, output current, Earth to neutral voltage, input frequency, output frequency, bypass frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, ISO transformer temperature, IGBT temperature, chipboard temperature, battery or ambient temperature, battery voltage, battery current, power supply voltage ETK 2
signaling audible and visual alarms for abnormal conditions.
interaction rs232 serial port. Dry contacts, snmp-rj45 for remote control (optional). gprs module for remote monitoring via GPRS network (optional).
temperature 0°c to 40°c
Relative humidity 0 to 95% non-condensation
acoustic noise <65 dB
UPS dimensions in mm (front * height * depth) 540*622*1125 664*865*1548 966*890*1748 1160*1043*1900
UPS weight in kg 225 273 437 500 600 700 740 810 850